Have you tried wearing a wooden sunnies?

Have you tried wearing a wooden sunnies?
Saturday June 30th, 2018 Chaytton

Have you tried wearing a wooden sunnies?

Let’s talk about the most important summer accessory I own. Sunglasses. With summer coming up fast it’s time to start thinking about how to keep our eyes protected from the harsh rays in a stylish pair of sunglasses.

Every new season I try to look for glasses that make a statement without being overwhelming. The important thing for me is not to get caught up finding the one perfect pair, because we’ve got so many great options, but to find stylish sunnies that suit my face shape and protect my eyes from UV rays. Guess what? I found the one and they are made of wood! Wooden sunglasses have been a big hit in recent years. They look stylish, they feel fantastic to touch, they last and last, and they are kinder to the environment too.
There’s a Spanish brand called Chaytton with amazing eco-friendly designs. Each and every frame is as unique and handcrafted with polarized lenses, protecting the eyes from the glare of the sun. I also love the fact that for every pair of sunglasses they sell, Chaytton plants a tree.

Once I decided to get a new pair of sunnies made of wood, I had my doubts what model too choose. Finally I decided to follow my first instinct and went for Hawell. Once they arrived I was so excited by nicely design black case, a few Austrian Pine seeds in and instructions how to plant a baby tree. I received them much faster than I had expected. They are beautiful, of a high quality and supper light! That means no nasty marks on my nose!

My new sunnies were one of the most important travel accessories I packed for my Balkan trip. They have a unique style that keep you looking good whether you’re on the beach or dressed up for a nice occasion. The rich colours of the wood frames compliment any outfit, and look great on both men and women. This fantastic sunglasses protect your eyes and our environment while still completing that perfect outfit.

Pick out your favourite pairs of Chaytton, and they will send them right to your door.

Just remember that wood is more expensive than plastic, both to purchase and process. However, they are also far more durable and are less likely to snap or crack as plastic will.

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